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Why You Should Join Us

We believe that it’s not a doctor’s fault that exercise science and nutrition was not included in their college curriculum and that they truly don't have the time to include this based on increased patient demand. We believe that it’s not a patient’s fault that they don’t follow through with their physician's advice to exercise and eat healthier due to the lack of medical integrated fitness in the community. We also believe that it’s not a fitness professional's fault for leaving the fitness industry and having to find a 'real' job. They get paid very little and have no clear career path. We honestly believe that it’s no one’s fault, yet it’s everyone’s responsibility to rise to purpose and fix our current healthcare system. We believe in people helping people. Join Us!

How it Works?

In executing our mission, we use exercise as medicine in order to make prevention profitable in the interest of patients, doctors, medical fitness practitioners, and health insurance companies. We have created a system that engages, educates, and empowers the medical industry and medical fitness industry to work together. As a result, patients will gain access to Medically Integrated Fitness services to increase access to appropriate physical activities, medical nutrition therapy and make better-informed lifestyle choices while leveraging health insurance reimbursement for the majority.

What are we doing here?

We are here to facilitate the creation of meaningful relationships and health outcomes between doctors and medical fitness practitioners by providing an ad-free, private online community. HEALTH-E-MATRIX is part social media and part learning management system.   Our members have the ability to create long-term socially responsible, and financially profitable opportunities for all parties in efforts to bridge the gap between the medical and fitness industries.

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